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Author: Joerg Jaspert
To: debconf-team
Subject: [Debconf-team] Sarajevo text
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This is my first draft of the text about Sarajevo, please point out
mistakes to fix.

I dont have a "Questions" Section (here and in the Edinburgh report), as
stockholm has that already, and there is not much use of two of them.

Note that in addition to the pictures we also got a Video-DVD from the
Hotel Terme. Its mostly advertising and talking about their medical
things, but you also see some parts of the Hotel. If you want you can
take a look here:


All pictures are available behind https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue
- Im only linking the few ones here in this text that help to understand
it, to not make it too unreadable.

Option 1 - Hotel Terme


Hotel[1] Terme[2] is located around 20 minutes (by tram) away from
Sarajevo City Center, the tram station is only 5 minutes walk away from
the Hotel.

[1] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2928
[2] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2929

It is a hotel that has a medical part included and is as such completly
accessible[3] for disabled[4] persons having ramps everywhere (instead
of stairs to go up/down a floor) and of course also weelchair enabled
rooms. We could not go into one of these because all of them were used
at the time of our visit, but we did saw some people in weelchairs, and
all the rest of the installations.

[3] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2930
[4] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2931

The reception[5] is on the left side of the entrance hall, on the other
side is the restaurant[6] located (note that this picture only shows a
third of it, its larger). In the middle, behind the ramps going up to
the other floors you find the bar[7] of the Hotel. There are multiple
conference[8] rooms[9] of different[10] sizes[11][12], some behind the
reception, some behind the restaurant and others located at the first
floor, which we can use, including their equipment[13] (there is more).

[5] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2932
[6] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2933
[7] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2934
[8] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2935
[9] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2937
[10] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2938
[11] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2939
[12] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2945
[13] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2940

The hotel has 3 floors (not including basement) with rooms[14] of
"standard"[15] quality[16] in the first and second floor, the third floor[17] has
the "comfort"[18] rooms[19] which have more space. The weelchair-enabled
rooms are all located in the first floor.

[14] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2949
[15] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2950
[16] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2951
[17] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2953
[18] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2955
[19] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2956

The top floor has the rooms with added comfort, like more space and a
seperated bedroom, so we can host those people that normally dont use
the same accomodation there, and not somewhere outside.

In the cellar are medical applications[20] and also the pools[21] and
the gym[22].

[20] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2959
[21] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2961
[22] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2964


The Hotel offered to help us with various things. First we can use their
equipment in the conference rooms, like projectors and video and audio
stuff. They also said they can take most of our info-desk, including
handing out bags to new people arriving (if we mark them with a name or
so), working with our list for the room assignements, etc. The reception
is open 24hours.

There is no internet in the rooms yet, but the Hotel is planning to have
it, and we suggested to interact with the LUG in Sarajevo. But as far as
I understood it we are also free to get up our own network, which would
be simple, as there is no big area to cover with looong cables.

As this Hotel is used for conferences from ambassadors and the
business in Sarajevo they have contracts with, they are used to having
conferences. Sure not used to a DebConf, but there is no location that is.

Option 2 - Student Dormitory together with Cultural Centre

The student dormitory[23] is located around 15 minutes away from Sarajevo
City Center with the tram, next tram station is also only 5 minutes
away. it is really big and able to host 900 persons, so way more than we
ever need. It has some[24] preparations for disabled people, including
lifts[25], but unfortunately 2 of 3, including the only one suitable for
a weelchari, were out of order during our visit.

[23] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2965
[24] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2968
[25] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2969

There are a few smaller[26] rooms that could be used as hacklabs and a
restaurant[27] which fits about 150 people at a time. In the basement is
a cafe[28] that can hold abouot 100 people.

[26] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2971
[27] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2972
[28] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2966

The rooms are available as 2-bed[29] rooms and 3-bed rooms. A disabled
person needs a 3-bed room, but the bathrooms[30] are in no way usable
for weelchairs.

[29] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2975
[30] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2977

On the way to the Arabic culture center[31] is a small BP Hotel[32]
located, which could be used for those people not wanting to stay in the
dormitory. It has 12 rooms with 24 beds, but is not prepared for
disabled persons.

[31] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2985
[32] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2978

The culture center is located around 7 or 8 minutes of walking with an
average speed away. It has a auditorium[33] that fits around 280 persons,
has the latest and greatest bits of technic built in, including extra
places for live translations and press, has an own canteen[34] and also
rooms[35] that could be used as hacklabs.

[33] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2997
[34] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2994
[35] https://gallery.debconf.org/jjsjjvenue/dscn2990

When we visited the center there was a strict entrance policy, we needed
to hand in our passports (or some form of identification) to receive
visitors badgets. This is of course not doable for a DebConf, we need to
dig this out if we chose this.


The student dormitory together with the culture centre would be the
cheapest option for DebConf7, if we only look at the price, as the
dormitory itself is only 19EUR/person/day, and the culture centre would
be for free. My problem with this solution is the distance between those
two locations and that the dormitory isnt fit for disabled persons. And
we would also separate the people who want a "real" hotel, at least in
the nearby BP hotel, but most probably even further away, as that one is
really small. For the distance - it is a 7 minute walk for the average
DebConf attendee to get from the dormitory to the culture center, where
the talks should be. And also having a hacklab there means that we
seperate the Conference in two parts, which isnt the goal.

The hotel on the other hand has everything in one place, so no big way
between rooms, talks and food. It is completly accessible for disabled
persons, has experience with conferences (even if thats not DebConf it
helps a bit). The price is a bit above the dormitory option, with
33EUR/person/day, but I think it is worth it and will present a very
good DebConf.

So from the two Sarajevo options the only one I think is possible for a
DebConf is the Hotel. I dislike the dormitory/culture center option just
too much, as the price may be nice, but the disadvantages are too big to
get ignored.

bye Joerg
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